NYC Subway Regulations

by ryan on September 11, 2017


The New Regulations on the NYC Subway


If you plan on taking a trip on the subway nowadays, it’s best you leave your coffee behind and prepare yourself for some bag checks. These and other new regulations for subway journeys in New York can be read in detail at the MTA.

Bag Checks

Following the terrorist incidents on the UK London metro, the mayor of NY made a statement that random checks of bags would be carried out on our subway. The police of the MTA will also be performing these types of checks on other trains further into the suburbs.

NY Police Commissioner, Mr Kelly, stated that the idea is to check passengers before they enter the main subway, but that checks may also be carried out once inside as well. He recommended that passengers not travel with large backpacks on the trains.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of NY, Michael Bloomberg, reassured citizens that no certain threat exists against passengers on the NY subway, though since 9/11 New York has been kept on an increased level of alertness.

New MTA Regulations

Passengers on the subway will now need to leave their coffee behind as well, as since October, the MTA brought into effect further regulations including: no moving between cars, no consumption of coffee, no use of skating equipment and no placing of feet on other seats.

Those who fail to adhere to these new rules can be hit with a fine of $25 to $100.

According to our onsite research, it’s still legal to bring your bad B.O on the train.



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