Information on NYC Subway New Metro Cards

by ryan on September 3, 2017


Information on NYC Subway New Metro Cards


What is it?

The Metro Card is a small plastic card (same size as a credit card) which can be used to pay for subway and bus journeys in NYC.

What kinds are there?

2 types exist: Pay-per-ride and the unlimited travel kind.

When can I get one?

In just about any main subway station, or in a main street vendor like a news stand (you’ll see the Metro Card sign in their window). However, they are not available on buses in the city.

Per-ride Cards:

Each journey will cost you $2, though if you load up your card with $7 or more (in one go), you’ll get a 15% bonus. It’s best to pre pay your card with a bit more, e.g. $40, so that you don’t have an amount which you can’t use later, like $1!

A maximum of 4 people can travel together on one pay-per-ride card. The first person to get on simply swipes the card 3 more times for the people following them.

Unlimited cards:

These are designed for individuals who use the NY transportation system heavily. There is a maximum of one use per 18 minutes, though this is simply to prevent fraudulent use of the cards.

There are a variety of options available, from a single day pass which will cost you $7.50 and allows unlimited travel on subway trains and buses till 3am the next day, to the 30 day Metro Card, which comes in at $81 and offers a whole month of travel. There are also 7 day and 14 day options, which cost $25 and $47 respectively.

If you lose your card or it is stolen, it is covered only if you purchased it with a credit or atm card. Check out the MTA website for more information.

How to buy?

There are vending machines inside almost every subway station which accept cash and credit or atm cards. However, they only allow up to $6 in change per transaction, and dispense it in one dollar coins!

Subway station booths can only accept cash when you buy a Metro Card, and do not offer the 1 day pass.

How can I tell how much I have left on my card?

Each time you use the card in a turnstile you should see the remaining amount on the screen.

You can also go to a card reader at a station booth where you can find out the expiry date of the card as well as your remaining balance.

Single journeys?

A single journey ticket will cost you $2 and can be bought only from the vending machines, and only in cash. They must also be used within two hours of purchase, though they do allow one transfer from bus to bus.



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