7 & Wonders of India and Maps

by ryan on February 1, 2018


7 & Wonders of India and Maps


Except the TAJ MAHAL and GOLDEN TEMPLE the 7 wonders are all located

in small towns or in the countryside. Below is the list of 7 wonders of India. By these wonders today India Become one of the popular country in World. Today various peoples from various countries come to see these wonders.

These Wonders of india are popular all around the world. Each wonder is specially famous for some history. The Seven wonders are located in Karnataka, Punjab, Agra, Orrisa , Bihar and Madhya Pradesh.

In Karnataka there are two wonders of India while in other five states five wonders are present. These wonders also helpfull to make the India popular all around the world.

Wonders Location
Gomateshwara Shravanabelagola, Karnataka, India
Harmandir Sahib Punjab, India
Taj Mahal Agra, India
Hampi Vijayanagara, Karnataka, India
Konark Sun Temple Orissa, India
Nalanda Bihar, India
Khajuraho Madhya Pradesh, India




Yamuna Expressway and Maps

by ryan on January 1, 2018


Yamuna Expressway Map and Photos

Yamuna Expressway is the best route to go Noida and Delhi from Agra. It reduces the time travelling time for travelers. The length of this route cis approx 165KM. The route reduces the 50% time of travelling between two cities due to 6 lanes presence. Slow moving vehicles are not allowed at this route.

Speed Allowed on Yamuna Expressway:





For light Vehicles: 100km/hour

For Heavy Vehicles:60km/hour

Some important points about Yamuna Expressway:

The Length of the Expressway is 165 km.

It Reduced the 50% travelling time between cities.

Yamuna Expressway is the project of Jaypee Group.

Fully equipped with CCTV’s and Mobile Radars to track the traffic movements for security point of view.

Yamuna Expressway Toll Rates

Following is the list of Toll Rates for Different Vehicles on Yamuna Expressway:



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