Bangalore Maps

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Bangalore Maps


Bangalore is the capital of state Karnataka in India. Bangalore is also known as Bengaluru. Bengaluru is the IT Hub of India. Various IT companies are located here. It is the third biggest city in accordence with popularity. It is the main commercial city of South India. There are varoius names which describe the city culture like the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, ‘City of Gardens’, and ‘Pub Capital of India’. The city is a fastest developing city of India.

Important Facts about Bangalore City:

Country – India
State – Karnataka
Location – 12°58′N 77°34′E
Elevation – 2953 ft
Area – 741.0 sq km
Population – 8,425,970
STD Code – 080
Pin Code – 560 xxx
Time Zone – GMT/UTC + 05:30 hour
Languages Spoken – Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi
Bangalore is popular due to its nightlife with host of special pubs that’s make the attraction of thousands of visitors towards the city.



During the visit of this city the first thing you kept in mind is that you have to carry the Bangalore City Map with you. The city is allocated on vast area, so Bangalore City Map will helps you getting all the necessary information regarding the city. In this Page you will get Bangalore City Map showing roads, railways, hotels, hospitals, religious places and important landmarks of Bangalore City, Karnataka. The map will provide you the information of tourist places in the city.

Some of the tourist place are given as following:

Yelahanka Satellite Township
Maldivian Tank
BTM Layout
Bull Temple
Bio technical Garden
St Andrew’s Church
Lal Bagh Gardens
Bengaluru International Airport (Kempegowda International Airport)
Golf Course of Bangalore
Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace
Bangalore Palace
Cubbon Park
Varthur Kere
Mayo Hall
Vidhana Soudha
Venkatappa Art Gallery
Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum
Bangalore Museum
Karnataka High Court

Bangalore is the IT hub and one of the fastest growing area of India. There are located various companies like software companies, aerospace engineering and research institutes, telecommunication companies, and defense organizations. Bangalore map will help you locate important roadways, railway stations, water bodies, airports, hospitals, hotels, religious places and major landmarks in the city.

Bangalore city is the attraction of tourism due to its attractive nature various tourist comes every year to visit the city. By the Bangalore map you can get all the relevant information regarding the city life hotels and restaurants in the city. The map will also acts as a major guide for you.



New York City Map

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Large Colorful New York City Map


New York city map— Information of economy, government, culture, state map and flag, major cities, points of interest, famous residents of New York city.


Economy of New York City:

The New york city is the second largest economy in the world while first is tokyo.

The economy of the New York City is the biggest in the United State.

New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ in New York City are the world’s largest stock exchanges by market capitalization and trading activity.

The basis of New York’s economy is formed on the basis of its financial, insurance, health care, and real estate industries.

The estimated Gross Metropolitan Product of metropolitan area of New York is $1.28 trillion in 2010.

Government of New York City:

The New York City government is more centralized as compare to other US Cities.

The Government is responsible for public education, correctional institutions, libraries, public safety, recreational facilities, sanitation, water supply, and welfare services.

The Government is based on a strong mayor-council system. In which mayor is responsible for the administration of city.

The mayor is selected for four years term.

This list of the 62 cities in New York State contains all municipalities incorporated as cities and also gives the primary county in which each city is located.

Sister Cities of New York City:


New York City has eleven historic sister cities:

City Since
Tokyo, Japan

Beijing, People’s Republic of China

Cairo, Egypt

Madrid, Spain

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Budapest, Hungary

Rome, Italy

Jerusalem, Israel

London, United Kingdom

Johannesburg, South Africa

Brasilia, Brazil



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